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Willimantic Resident Claims $30,000 Mega Millions® Prize from July 27 Drawing
Willimantic resident, David Clark, plays every CT Lottery drawing with the same numbers he first "saw" in a dream more than 20 years ago. "I woke up and wrote the numbers down, and I've been playing them ever since," Clark said.

Clark's dedication recently paid off when he successfully matched four Mega Millions® numbers drawn plus the Mega Ball on Friday, July 27. Because Clark had added the Megaplier® feature to the purchase of his Mega Millions ticket for an extra $1, his $10,000 prize was automatically multiplied by 3 making for an impressive $30,000 prize win.

"I recorded the TV drawing that night and watched it back in the morning," Clark told Lottery officials. "When my first three numbers were drawn I was excited. When my fourth number was drawn, I got nervous because I knew I had something. I logged onto the Lottery's website (ctlottery.org) to find out what I won, and I couldn't believe it!"

Clark, an Air Force retiree after 21 years of service, claimed his prize check for $20,490 (value after taxes) at Mega Millions Lottery . "I've never won big money before," Clark said. "It'll help pay off some bills."

Clark purchased his winning Mega Millions ticket at Cumberland Farms, located at 1132 Main Street in Willimantic.
Kentucky Man wins $250,000
Douglas Lancaster or Versailles, KY won $250,000 in the July 10, 2012 Mega Millions drawing.
Michigan Player's dream numbers net $250,000!
Junior Tyson only plays the Lottery every now and then, and he had never won. But one night he had a strange dream, a dream about numbers. So on his way to work at the factory the next morning, Tyson stopped and bought a Mega Millions Lottery ticket, playing the numbers that he had dreamt of the night before.

He checked the numbers in the paper, and when he saw that they were his numbers… "I just started smiling," he said. That dream made Tyson a big winner! He matched the five white ball numbers in the Mega Millions drawing of July 27 to win $250,000! The first person he told about his good fortune was his nephew, who thought he was joking.

When asked how he felt about winning, Tyson stated, "It's not like I thought it would be."

So he has decided to take everything in stride. He plans to use the money to purchase a new roof for his home and a trip to Florida.
Raleigh man to pay off car and student loans with $250,000 Mega Millions win
Eliezer Vazquez, a clinical social worker from Raleigh, North Carolina plans to pay off his car and student loans with the $250,000 prize he won in the March 30 Mega Millions drawing.

Vazquez learned of his win the morning after the drawing when he checked his numbers on the lottery's website.

"I wasn't sure I was seeing it correctly on the screen," Vazquez said. "But it finally clicked that I'd won. I'm happy. There's no other way to describe this feeling."

After state and federal taxes were withheld, Vazquez received a check for $170,002. He purchased his ticket at the Kroger on Six Forks Road in Raleigh.

Vazquez said that he appreciates that the funds generated by the lottery support education.

"I figure it's for a good cause," Vazquez said. "I sometimes work in schools, so I get to see some of those efforts first-hand."
Greensboro man plays birthdates and anniversary to win $250,000
George Johnson, a retired college accounting professor from Greensboro, North Carolina said he has played the same set of numbers based on his anniversary and family birthdays since the lottery started. His persistence paid off on July 20 when he matched all five white balls in the Mega Millions drawing, winning a $250,000 prize.

Johnson learned of his win when he checked his numbers on the lottery's website.

"I never really thought that I'd win," Johnson said. "So when I saw those numbers come up, I got so excited. Nothing is going to change in my daily routine because of this, but it still feels good."

Johnson plans to split his winnings with his wife. After taxes, they each received a payment of $85,000. They plan to use their winnings to take care of family and plan a cruise vacation.

"We've been on a number of cruises over the years and we've always stayed in the inside cabins," Johnson added as he received his winnings. "Those days are gone."

Johnson purchased his winning Mega Millions ticket at the Lowe's Foods on Old Ridge Road in Greensboro.
Surry County man's dream comes true with $1 million lottery win
Frank Castillo, a seafood salesman from Surry County, said he has played the lottery in North Carolina and Virginia for years and always believed he'd eventually be a big winner. That dream came true when he matched all five white balls in the July 20 Mega Millions drawing and won $1 million.

"I've always been a hard-working man and I've only played the lottery in moderation," Castillo said. "I kept playing because I had faith, and now the day has finally come. I'm still pinching myself."

Castillo verified his win by returning to the store where he purchased his ticket, the Jonestown Road Family Fare on Jonestown Road in Winston-Salem. He wanted the clerk to confirm that he had won $250,000, but soon learned that because he purchased a $2 Megaplier ticket, his winnings were multiplied to $1 million.

"When he said $1 million, I almost fainted," Castillo said. "I felt my knees getting weaker. I caught myself on the counter. I'm still pinching myself."

Castillo plans to use his winnings, worth $680,000 after taxes were withheld, to pay off his mortgage and auto loans, start college funds for his children and start a business.

"I appreciate that the lottery supports education," Castillo added as he received his winnings. "Every time you buy a ticket, you're making your community better and giving more students a chance to become professionals."
$250K prize pumped into Eufaula water works office pool
An Alabama office pool has collected more than a wad of water with the Georgia Lottery. Twelve members of the Eufaula Water Works office pool won $250,000 from matching the first five winning numbers in the July 10 Mega Millions drawing.

Those members, who work for the city of Eufaula Water Works & Sewer Department in Eufaula, Ala., each claimed their share Thursday at the Georgia Lottery District Office in Columbus.

Members of the Eufaula Water Works office pool are Michael Taylor, Walter Broome Jr., Toney Coleman, Tonya Ward, William Renfroe, Rodger Pippin, David Flowers and Greely Potts of Eufaula, Ala.; Jeffery McMiller and Steven Loden of Georgetown, Ga.; Curtis Hillman Jr. of Abbeville, Ala.; and Stacey Caldwell of Panama City Beach, Fla.

Office pool leader Michael Taylor, 41, buys tickets twice a week for the group. The group has played Mega Millions for eight years, keeping the same numbers.

"By keeping the same numbers, I think you have a better chance," said Taylor, speaking on behalf of the group.

Yogi Food Mart, 763 U.S. Highway 82 in Georgetown, sold the winning numbers.

According to Taylor, a store employee notified the group while they all were at work.

"Someone from the store called and said, 'I think you need to check your numbers,' " Taylor recalled. "We all reacted pretty ecstatic. We jumped all around."

Winning the prize has prompted members to dedicate their share in a number of ways.

"I'm going to put it in savings," Taylor said of his share. "I've heard (others say) buying new tires, buying a flat screen TV, fixing the transmission on a truck – just all kinds of stuff."
Hume 'Cowboy' Ropes $250,000 Mega Millions Prize
A Hume man is a quarter of a million dollars richer after claiming the Mega Millions prize from the June 5 drawing. James Spencer, a 50-year-old full-time tire shop owner and part-time team roper, said he was on his way to compete in a rodeo when he decided to scan his Quick Pick Mega Millions ticket at Pump 'N Pete's, 208 N. 14th St., in Rich Hill.

"I play $10 on Mega Millions every week," Spencer began. "When I scanned the ticket, I thought the clerk was lying. I couldn't believe it!"

The first-time Missouri Lottery winner admitted that he came in second at the rodeo later that day, but he "felt like a winner" for matching all five numbers drawn in the Mega Millions drawing. The winning numbers were: 37, 39, 42, 53 and 55.

Spencer plans to use the windfall to pay bills and visit his daughter in North Carolina.

As for advice for fellow Lottery players, he urged game enthusiasts to "keep trying."

"You never know when it could be your lucky day," Spencer concluded.
Michael Tyler, 28, of Ellenton, GA had just returned this week from a two week vacation in China when he decided to check a huge stack of lottery tickets he had lying around.

Tyler, a truck driver, had purchased lots of lottery tickets while driving through many states over the last couple of months. On Wednesday night, he began checking them using the Internet. "I was down to the last three in the pile when all of the others had been trashed since they weren't winners," he said.

Pulling up the numbers for the Mega Millions drawing for April 20 for a ticket he'd purchased in Kentucky, he discovered he'd matched the first five white ball numbers and not the Mega Ball to win the game's second prize.

"I went through the house screaming and yelling. My folks didn't know what was going on," Tyler said. "We thought someone had broken in," Tyler's dad told lottery officials.

"This is so ironic. I'd been running my mouth to my dad for a while that I'd go to China, come back, check those tickets, win some money and here I am," Tyler told lottery officials.

After taxes, Tyler received a check for $172,500. He said he plans to start a business and hopes to help his entire family.

Tyler said he stopped about ten times while driving through Kentucky to buy lottery tickets. His winning Mega Millions ticket was purchased at Pilot Travel Center #41 in Mt. Sterling. The store received a bonus of $2,500 for selling the winning ticket.
West Virginia Lottery Director John C. Musgrave announced today that James Prokop of Danville, W.Va., has claimed a $250,000 Mega Millions® prize for matching five numbers from the June 19th drawing.

Prokop, a coal miner, bought the winning ticket at Little General #5120 in Danville and missed only the Mega Ball number. His selected the easy pick option when purchasing his ticket.

"I can't believe this," Prokop said. "I stopped by the store on my way to work to check the tickets and the woman ran it through the machine and it said congratulations and that I would have to go to Charleston to claim my winnings. She thought I won $250,000, but I still didn't believe it and told her that it has to be a mistake. It didn't really sink in that I won this much until getting here (Lottery Headquarters) and having the person (in validations) tell me."

Prokop then called his girlfriend, Gloria, and told her he was going to Charleston instead of work.

"I asked him if he was hurt or something," Gloria said. "He said no, I think I won the lottery. So, I told him to come pick me up on his way."

The veteran coal miner says he already has a plan for his winnings.

"I want to get myself debt free and enjoy my pay checks," Prokop said. "I owe some on my truck and my home so I am going to be debt free and put some of it back for my retirement."
Young Couple Using $250,000 Lottery Win to Plan for the Future
The workers at a veterinary clinic in Anderson, South Carolina still can't believe one of their own won $250,000 playing Mega Millions®. The winner checked her ticket online at work, and it wasn't long before the celebration broke out and everyone was asking to see the winning ticket for themselves.

"It was wild," the winner admitted.

The winner's husband, who was also at work, was at loss for words when his wife called to say she won a quarter of a million dollars.

Right away the 20 somethings made the call to pay off their house and plan for the future.

The winner told lottery officials she's hoping this payday will give her the break she's been looking for to finally start using her cosmetology training. Her husband wants to go back to school, but until this ticket came into their lives he didn't see that happening.

"We feel blessed and free," she said.

The winner said she bought her first lottery ticket less than a year ago after hearing about lottery winners in the area.

"I decided I was never going to win if I didn't play," she said.

Neither of them would have imaged a scenario where a $1 quick pick would matched the first five numbers drawn (4, 9, 34, 40, and 4 MB: 25) on June 8 to win such a sum. The odds of winning $250,000 playing Mega Millions® are 1 in 3,904,701.

The winner's husband has kidded her along about buying tickets, but he's through complaining.

"She can buy a ticket whenever she wants," he said.

Quick Point in Anderson received a commission of $2,500 for selling the claimed ticket.
Aiken Man Takes the Day Off Following $250,000 Mega Millions® Win
An Aiken, South Carolina man quit getting ready for work when he realized he won $250,000 playing the Lottery.

"I ran through the house screaming with my drawers on," he said.

The Mega Millions® winner took the day off but plans to continue working and buying tickets.

"I was one number off from the jackpot," he laughed. "Of course I'll keep playing."
Gwinnett County father wins $250K Mega Millions prize
A father from Gwinnett County has won a quarter of a million dollars from the Georgia Lottery. Akbar Ali of Lilburn won a $250,000 prize from matching the first five winning numbers in the April 20 Mega Millions drawing.

Ali, 42, claimed his prize Tuesday at the Georgia Lottery District Office in Duluth.

"I wanted to take my time and set up a game plan," said Ali, explaining his decision to wait before claiming his prize.

The lucky winner and his wife, Anila, have one daughter whom they intend on enrolling into a private school.

"We will take a short vacation and put the remainder away in savings and retirement," Ali shared.

A financial services manager, Ali said he picked three of his own numbers and selected the Quik Pik option for the others.

"I had a bunch of tickets, and I was going through them," he said. "When I saw the ticket, I said 'aha!'"
Veguita Man Wins $1 Million New Mexico Lottery Prize
Danny Garcia of Veguita, population 2,300, claimed a $1 million Mega Millions® prize from the New Mexico Lottery today.

Garcia, 52, discovered the $1 million prize this morning after arriving at his job in the parts department at Bob Turner's Ford Country in Albuquerque. He called the lottery's telephone hotline, wrote down the winning numbers and compared them to the ticket in his wallet.

"I could feel my heart beating," he said. "I started shaking."

His co-workers told him to waste no time getting his $1 million prize.

"Everybody was saying, 'Get out of here,'" Garcia recalled.

Matching five white balls pays $250,000, but Garcia spent an extra $1 on the game's Megaplier® feature to multiply non-jackpot prizes. Megaplier increased his $250,000 prize to $1 million automatically.

"I always play with Megaplier because, if you only get a few numbers, it will multiply your prize," he said.

As a newly minted millionaire, Garcia's plans include helping his three sons, creating trust funds for his grandchildren and making donations to his church.

"I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the good Lord," he said.

Garcia, who missed the yellow Mega Ball of 22 to land the night's $14 million jackpot, bought his lucky ticket at Young Baca's Kicks 66.
Good Luck Lotto Club takes home $250,000!
The Good Luck Lotto Club of Hudson visited Michigan Lottery headquarters today to claim their $250,000 prize. The two person lottery club matched 5 white balls on the May 29 Mega Millions drawing.

One club member told a Lottery staffer that a portion of her winnings will be designated to help those less fortunate by donating to a local charity. The other member stated that he has his sights set on a new vehicle, not sure what make and model yet, but the winnings will make the pool of options a bit larger.

The winning ticket was purchased by the club at Beecher BP Gas located at 2982 W. Beecher Rd. in Adrian.
The Third Time Is the Charm
Charles F. Wehner of Alliance has won Ohio Lottery games before, and this time it made him a millionaire. Wehner won $1,000,000 after he matched all five numbers drawn and said yes to the Megaplier in the May15, 2012 Mega Millions' drawing.

After mandatory federal and state taxes totaling 31 percent he receives $690,000.

Wehner chose the lucky numbers 10-11-12-14-24. The mega ball was 24. Wehner purchased the Mega Millions ticket from Korosy's Korner, 299 W. Main Street in Alliance. Korosy's Korner received a $1,000 bonus for selling a five of five Mega Millions ticket.

Those same numbers have proven to be lucky for Wehner. He played the numbers back on November 14, 2000 to win $100,000 in the Buckeye 5 game. Wehner is proof that lightening can strike in the same place more than once. In February 2007, he won $2,500 in the Pick 4 game.
Plaquemine Man Collects $250,000 Mega Millions Prize from Two-Month-Old Ticket
For Joseph Pollet Jr., it's better late than never. The 49-year-old Plaquemine, LA resident just realized he won a $250,000 Mega Millions prize from two months ago.

"I just got around to checking my ticket!" an excited Pollet shared. "I can't wait to show my daughter the check; she's never going to believe it!" Still a little stunned himself, the 49-year-old said he plans to pay off his home and bills with the winnings.

Pollet's ticket matched all five of the white ball numbers drawn on March 2, but missed the yellow Mega Ball number, to win $250,000. Pollet received $175,000 after federal and state taxes were withheld. The winning numbers for the March 2 drawing were 16-29-48-52-54 and the Mega Ball number was 5.

Pollet purchased his winning ticket from Phillip's Lane #454 on Highway 1 South in Port Allen. The retailer will receive a selling a bonus of $2,500, or 1 percent of the prize, for selling Pollet his winning ticket.
The timing couldn't have been better for Troy Turner of Louisville, Kentucky to win $250,000 on the Mega Millions drawing on May 4. He matched the first five white ball numbers and not the Mega Ball to win the game's second prize.

"I just bought a new house and was set to sign the loan papers. I called my realtor and told her she could tear them up, that I wouldn't be needing them," Turner told lottery officials yesterday afternoon while claiming his ticket.

The morning after the drawing, Turner checked his ticket at the store using the self ticket checker and thought something was wrong with the machine. "When it said $250,000, I scanned it five times before finally leaving," Turner said.

Next, he went to his sister's house to pull the numbers up on the computer. His nine year old son called out the numbers as he looked at his ticket. "I still couldn't believe it. My son asked, 'Are we going to Hawaii?'"

After taxes, Turner received a check for $172,500.

Turner bought his winning ticket at the Five Star Food Mart on Hillview Blvd. in Louisville. The store will receive a bonus of $2,500 for selling the winning ticket.
Georgia newcomer scores $250K 'Mega' prize
A Georgia newcomer vying to win playing Mega Millions has sacked a quarter-million dollar prize. Robert Robins, who recently moved to Fayetteville, matched the first five winning numbers from the May 8 drawing, winning a $250,000 second prize.

Winning numbers from Tuesday night's Mega Millions drawing were: 2-6-8-18-51 and the Mega Ball was 19.

"The numbers came through on my mobile phone," said Robins, 62.

He purchased the lucky Quik Pik at Publix Super Market #0579, 108 Pavilion Parkway in Fayetteville.

"I'm just glad this has happened," he said. "I'm appreciative of it."

Robins moved to the Peach State after retiring from operating a chain of men's clothing stores in another state. He has two adult daughters and six grandchildren.

"I will live well and help my family," Robins shared. "This is something additional to help my kids."
Cashier in Charlotte, NC wins $1 million chasing Mega Millions jackpot
A cashier in Charlotte won $1 million chasing one of last month's high-profile Mega Millions jackpots. Mehari Berhe, who is originally from Ethiopia, was playing for a chance to win the estimated $363 million jackpot in the March 27 drawing.

Less than an hour before the numbers were drawn, Berhe was on his way home from work when he stopped at Sam's Mart on Albemarle Road in Charlotte. There, he bought four Quick Pick Mega Millions tickets – three for $1 each, and a $2 Megaplier ticket.

After the drawing, Berhe and his brother looked up the winning numbers on the lottery's website. The Megaplier ticket matched all five numbers to win $1 million. Had one of the $1 tickets matched all five numbers, Berhe would have won $250,000. He arrived at lottery headquarters in Raleigh on Monday to collect his prize money.

"It's unreal," he said. "A dream."

Berhe said he spent the last month considering the purchase of a house and starting a business. He intends to use some of his after-tax winnings of $680,000 to help his family and save for the future.
Kentucky Man wins $250,000
Benny Ford of Louisville won $250,000 on the April 17th Mega Millions drawing. When he checked his Mega Millions ticket he first that he'd won $250. "I realized that there were more zeros on the end. I couldn't believe it!" Benny said.
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